External Exam Information

External Examinations

Candidates should arrive 15 minutes before the start of the exam and should bring their own black pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, etc. These are also available to buy from Students Services, but try not to forget them.

At the bottom of the page you will find Information for Candidates from the JCQ.

Controlled Assessments PDF

Information for Candidates Coursework PDF

Information for Candidates Coursework Part Two PDF

Information for Candidates Written Exams PDF

January Exam Timetable

Date Start Time Room Component Title Length in minutes
08/01/2018 9:00AM Sports Hall IT Cam Tech: IT : U1 Fundamentals of IT 90
09/01/2018 9:00AM 105 Bus. St. Developing A Marketing Campaign 225
09/01/2018 9:00AM Sports Hall CE3BUS: U1 the Business Environment 120
10/01/2018 9:00AM 402 Music – The Music Industry 75
10/01/2018 1:00PM Sports Hall IT Cam Tech: ID3IT : U2 Global Information 90
10/01/2018 1:00PM Sports Hall Health & Soc: Human Lifespan Development 113
11/01/2018 1:30PM Sports Hall IT Cam Tech: ID3IT : U3 Cyber Security 60
12/01/2018 1:30PM Sports Hall Sport Studies: Cntmpry Issues Sprt Wrtn 75
17/01/2018 1:00PM Sports Hall Bus. St. Personal and Business Finance 150