Holocaust Memorial Day

This annual event occurred on 26 January and was marked by a ceremony and church service in Cathedral Square and St John’s Church. Our students again started the event with a moving performance of physical theatre entitled ‘How Can Life Go On?.’ The students from year 11 who performed were Julia Piotrowska, Kacper Zakroki, Yasoda Thapa, Natalia Ciborowska, Shania Steer, Anthony Walker, Glenver Miranda, Shannon Foreman and Gilda Lleshi. The students then joined the procession of dignitaries, led by the Mayor, into St John’s Church to listen to the many moving accounts. Our Head Boy, Sam Maxwell and Head Girl, Afifa Zaman introduced each of the speakers, who represented the many community groups who have been affected by genocide within our multicultural city. An excellent pause for reflection.